Privacy Police

The privacy policy of our site follows the fundamental security parameters of its customers and all users of the Ansirol website.

This data privacy guarantee statement is applicable to the service of the Ansirol entity.

The Internet is a highly effective communication tool. From day to day, we see its growing importance in our lives, as a mouse click to our computer to get all the information you want. How people approach and how experiences are more quickly absorbed and scattered.

The evolution of society, nowadays, unbridled. For all these reasons, and for everyone to trust more and more in the middle of the communication, it is important for an Ansirol that all users of your services and visitors to your site have guaranteed the confidentiality of your data.

For a reason, experience the need to update the privacy policy, your customers, suppliers and employees, and promptly informed.

An entity that is in contact with suppliers, suppliers and distributors, through an electronic or telephone service, to any other organization or company. The Ansirol entity has committed to protecting your privacy by ensuring the adoption of a highly effective technology for your online experience, increasingly secure and your Web services increasingly strengthened.

About any subject is a commitment, do not hesitate to contact.

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