Ansirol was founded in 1980, beginning its activity exclusively with the manufacture of components for woodworking machines. Over the years, it has been developing new products and services in the area of ​​Metal-mechanics and Industrial Maintenance in order to meet the needs and expectations of its clients, thus extending the scope of its activity, covering areas as diverse as Industries: textiles, tires, , paints, automobile, waste treatment, food and construction.

In 2004, new facilities are built from scratch and tailored to your needs, in a land area of ​​about 5000m2 allowing medium term expansion if necessary, but always with a view to sustainability and realism. This change of facilities aimed to promote the increase and improvement of the quality of work to our employees as well as the acquisition of new machines and equipment of last generation, translating directly into the products and services provided to our customers.

For a long time, in the area of ​​industrial maintenance, Ansirol has a special sensitivity to customer problems, especially to the most urgent, trying to solve them quickly and efficiently, always assuming that the problems of our customers are the our problems, cementing a partnership relationship in the present and for the future. With a strategic vision aimed at customer satisfaction, Ansirol is committed to the quality of services and human resources.

Mission | Goal

Fully focused on the Customer, Ansirol focuses its efforts on several aspects, such as customer satisfaction, effective problem solving, speed and quality in the execution of its services and the creation of new solutions that represent a real benefit to the customer. always giving priority to honesty and transparency as tools to achieve success.

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